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A equipa Filipe Piedade, Lda deseja a todos um Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano Novo.

About Us

Filipe Piedade, Lda. is a company in the area of Metal Recycling and Trade.
Founded in 2006, Filipe Piedade, lda, is located in the Industrial Park of Catrapona, Arm. Z Parish of Paio Pires, municipality of Seixal, with the Permit of Waste Management No. 59/2014

The activity of Filipe Piedade Lda is developed in the following areas:
  • Metals Trading (buying and selling)
  • Waste Management
  • Vehicles Disposal
  • Dismantling and Demolition of Industrial Spaces
  • Container Placement
  • Used Batteries (lead-acid accumulators)
Our activity is carried out on the basis of high quality standards.

We offer our customers a service of excellence, at competitive prices, in order to provide a guarantee of total satisfaction.

The company Filipe Piedade, Lda. sets out to respond in accordance with the environmental needs established by law.

Thank you in advance for the interest that the presentation of our company may have deserved, we are totally available for possible clarification or contact.
Waste Planning and Management, encompassing all types of waste and the different origins, are the objective of the policies in this field of the Environment, also assuming a significant role of transversal importance for the incidence in the Preservation of Natural Resources, and in other Environmental Strategies.

Its proper management contributes to the preservation of natural resources, both at the level of Prevention and through Recycling and Valorization, as well as other specific legal instruments, at the same time reflecting the importance of this sector, considered in its aspects, environmental and as a sector of economic activity, and the challenges facing those responsible for the implementation of policies and all stakeholders in the chain of management from Public Administration, through the economic operators to citizens in general, as producers of waste and indispensable players in the pursuit of these policies.


We do not sell auto parts